General Post – Maghi Ganesha Jayanthi

It has come to my notice that the new site RSS feeds are creating a problem and many of them are unable to get the updates.  Henceforth I will add a link in this blog for you to read the posts.

Many of you already know that there is a distribution of arka ganapati going on.  Those interested in arka ganapati puja contact me for more information.  This is towards the Maghi Seva.

Guru Narashima Temple , Saligrama


Rare photo of Mooda Ganapathy Seva being performed to Lord Narasimha in Saligrama, Udupi  

Guru Narasimha temple is located at Saligrama,Udupi District.  The idol here is very old and it belongs to the 8th century AD and it is carved out of Saligrama rock.  The murti is around 3 feet high and facing west and the right hand holding chakra (disc) and the left hand holding shanka (conch) and Prabhavali at the back.It is believed that idol was installed by Lokaditya King of Mourya dynasty around 4 th century AD under the leadership of Rajaguru Bhattacharya.  … Read More