गाणेश वाहन - gANesa vAhana


gANesa  have many avatAra’s, as per mudgalA pUraNa [8 avatAra's] mUSaka is His vAhana in only five of them.  As vakratuNDa [वक्रतुण्ड ] he rides a lion [सिंह वाहन - siMha vAhana] in His next avatAra - vikaTa [विकट] , He rides a  mAyUra[मायूर]  and during His  vighnarAj avatAra [विघ्नराज्[  seSa [शेष divine serpent] is present with him.   Some of the ancient, old depictions of gANesa don’t show a vAhana with Him at all and only somewhere around late 6th century – early 7th century the vAhana was connected in the depictions.  Oldest gANesa  statues are found in South East Asian countries like Indonesia and Laos did not havemouse [मूषक] as vAhana.

Ganesha Purana [गणेश पुराणम्; gaṇeśa purāṇam] mentions  Mahotkata Vinayaka vAhana as either an elephant [गज] or lion[सिंह].  While Mayuresvara has peacock  [मायूर] and Gajanana mount was a mouse [मूषक] . gANesa final avatar in Kaliyug, Dhumraketu has a blue horse [नीलअश्व].   मूषक [mouse] is the vAhana in Matsya Purana and the Brahmananda Purana. One of gANesa names is Akhuketana /आखु केतन [ -आखु - mouse and केतन -flag]  Jainism connects gANesa with mouse [मूषक], elephant [गज] , tortoise [कूर्म], ram [मेष]or peacock [मायूर].

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