Ganesha, Sri Mukhalingam


Sri Mukhalingam, located on the banks of river Vamsadhara, Srikakulam was the capital of eastern Ganga kings of Kalinga (ancient Orissa). The temple of Srimukhalingam was built by Kamarnava II in 8th century AD of the eastern Ganga dynasty, the temple is influenced by Indo Aryan style of architecture.  Elegantly carved, this temple is a group of three temples dedicated to three forms of Lord Shiva namely, Mukhalingeswara, Bhimeswara and Someswara.


The Indo Aryan influence is clearly seen and  at every corner of the inner prakara, there are many small temples, some dedicated to Lord Shiva (in the form of Someshwara and Bhimeswara) and Lord Ganesha.

This temple has some marvelous and surprising features in the temple carvings /idols.  Of course the main deity of this temple is Shiva, and is in the form of a fossil of the trunk of Mahua tree [with a naturally carved face]

This sculpted image on the walls of the temple ensconced among many beautiful murals of other deities. This facet of Lord Ganesha, wide eyed and child-like, yet revered by many is a very rare style of depiction of the deity.

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