Basrur Gajarudha Ganapati Mahalingeshwara Devasthana

2013-03-13Basrur [Vasupura] also historically known as Barcelor, Barcalor, Basnur, Bares, Abu-Sarur and Barsellor is situated on the bank of the river Varahi near Kundapura. Considered to be the center of all cultural activities during 12- 18th century, this place is a combination of seven regions. Mudukeri, one among them has a sacred pond and Adinatheshwara temple. Next to it is Kashi mutt of Gowda Saraswat Brahmin community. The Ramachandra temple opposite to it, has two beautiful ponds namely Bhuvanendra thirtha and Keshavendra thirtha. Rahutageri has a beautiful devi temple.  The specialty of the place is that all the statues are made of wood.

The Mahalingeshwara temple of the region belongs to 11th-12th century and the temple has statues of Durga, Ganapati, Thandaveshwara, Narayana, Mahishamardini and Veerabhadra.   The information given by the innumerable inscriptions found here are complementary to the fact that Mahalingeshwara temple had worked as the power controller of the social and economic activities of Basrur, standing within its religious framework. Here is an account of the conditions of the temple both in the ancient and the modern times.

Architecture of this temple.

2013-03-13(2)This ancient temple structure has two spacious walls around it. The different parts of this temple are Mahadwara mantapa [grand entrance] .  There was a dwajasthamba, main garbhagriha and prakara [the walls]. The inner prakara, consists of Nandimantap and a shrine for  Ganesha.  [I have covered only about Ganesha aspects here, for a detailed study on the  architecture please visit my blog, Journey of the Soul]

 If  you get across the Mahadwara and go towards the inner prakara, you will find a giant bronze deepastamba, beautifully cast facing the garbhagriha.  Elephant faces are sculpted on the bronze lamp post. On the shoulder of the elephant facing the sanctum, there is Ganesha.  A concrete mantap has been built for the purpose of  worshiping this Ganesha whose vahana is a gaja [elephant].  The noted thing about this temple is that though the main deity is Shiva, Ganesha is placed higher than Shiva.


Dwajasthamba :  A medium for the heavens to connect to the earth, in other words a spiritual connector between earth and heavens.  Sanksrit meaning for flag is dwaja – or whatever is raised. In spiritual meaning it signify whatever raises a man to the higher level of understanding and activity is dwaja.  Dwajasthamba refers to the pride and prosperity of the temple

Etat Sarvam Ganesharpanamastu  

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