vakratuNDa – वक्रतुण्ड


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6 thoughts on “vakratuNDa – वक्रतुण्ड

  1. Vakratunda avatar is also mentioned in Ganesh Purana’s Kridaphand for first Mahotkat Avatar. To stop Durasad shri Ganesh taken avatar as Vakratund from his mother’s anger. He has 10 hands and uses Lion as his vahana. He kept one leg on head of durasad near Varanasi and another leg in Varanasi to protect the anacient peetha of shri Shiva.

  2. Thanks – grateful for the explanation – then there is the question trunk turned right or left?meaning as you look at him from front – generally images have to right – but i picked up one for my house doorstep with left – some say it is tantric – do you know and what is the significance if any/

    • Thank you for your comments. appreciate your support. Yes normal idols have the trunk curved to the left but for some idols there is a variation its either curved to the right – this is called siddhi vinakya and other rarer forms are trunk swung up in air.

      dont keep in at the door step, instead shift him to the puja room. But why is the trunk curved to right so special and so strict ? the reason is simple the iDa naaDii is on the left side, while the pingalaa naaDii is on the right. The left-turning trunk has easy rules and one can do puja however one wants with respect since the ida naadii is the moon. but the right turning nadi is the sun and will burn one if rules are violated. more like ugra….. say incase u dont have time to do the 16 upachara puja atleast offer naivedya of a fruit and some flowers [ water if idol ] ….also some idols the trunk is facing straight forward, then it signifies the sushumna is entirely open such murthi are very rare and special. Even more special is the trunk where the trunk is swung up right in the air. It means the kundalini shakti has reached the sahasra permanently.

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