Trishunda Ganapati

Not a long time ago I briefly blogged about the Trishunda Ganapati - a Ganapati who has 3 shunda or trunks. [ click on the link and you can read abt the temple history]  It is the only known temple in the world where Ganesha has said to be having 3 trunks but this is one of the least curious feature of the temple.  When one goes through the carvings and walk through the designs of the temple and try to understand the structure and the features and if one has to conclude and sum of the experience in a sentence it would be –  Are these carvings real or fake?

The entire construction is in black stone. The plan is a square, with a dome (gopuram) shaped roof. The architecture is a blend of north and south and is represented by some very intricate carvings and figurine

Sitting on the mayura – peacock instead of a mushaka is also a normal feature of Ganesha, he has many vahanas and mayura is one of them.



Look at this unique sculpture of the rhinoceros (??) well not really, have a closer look and you will realise it isn’t the regular rhino.  It is apparent that the sculptor had no intentions of carving a rhinoceros – well apparently he knows how a bull elephant looks and garuda looks so when it comes to this particular rhino { well not sure what to call it} rhinoceros had the body of a bull, feet of elephants the head starts of as that of an elephant and ends up with the beak of a garuda and a horn is later stuck into the beak … ofcourse it cant be an imagination so this left foot chained unknown animal is a mystery

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